Big Four Interview Preparation Guidance To Pass In First Attempt


Green Turn’s Interview Preparation Day

We run several interview preparation day events, focused on bringing out the best in applicants in time for their actual test or interview. This intensive training programme is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn and prepare! The event schedule includes an induction session with a former line manager, tips on body language and confidence and a series of mock interview sessions under the supervision of Big-Four-qualified consultants.


You will sit several mock interviews, based on ‘competencies’ or ‘strengths’ criteria depending on the firm and business route you are applying to. Each exam will be designed by an expert form Big Four employee and overseen by an advisory panel to ensure that they reflect the real thing as closely as possible. Your homework will be shown to the panel so that they can check how your understanding is progressing and we can also present results and comments to your parents if you so desire.


Some of the key abilities we will coach you in include:


  • Commercial and business awareness skills
  • Communication
  • Client focus
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Planning and problem solving
  • Building professional relationships
  • Drive and resilience
  • Making an impact




Contact Us!

If you have any preliminary questions about our coaching, products or any other aspect of what we do, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can do this quickly and simply by filling out a contact us form.


Green Turn is the market leader and the only specialist company worldwide that offers specific training on how to secure a Big Four job delivered by former employees of the companies in question. We have fifteen years’ experience of successfully fast-tracking people like you into positions with the top companies and regularly receive positive feedback on our training methods. By purchasing our preparation packs, you are gaining access to an invaluable network of former Big Four employees who have the required knowledge and desire to advance you into a dream job. We pride ourselves on our clients’ 90-to-100% pass rates and it’s in our interests that you achieve employment so that the retention level stays high. Everyone wants to assure themselves of a financially comfortable future, without the stress of worrying about how to make ends meet, and a job with a Big Four firm is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Our experts look forward to engaging with you, so make a purchase now!  


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