Green Turn Video Tutorials!



Green Turn Video Tutorials On Big Four Recruitment Process!


At Green Turn, we never stop thinking of new ways to develop our products and improve our services. We want to make every aspect of the Big Four application process as straightforward as possible and are pleased to announce the completion of an extensive series of tutorial videos designed to do just that! This is the key announcement in a variety of website improvements we have implemented for 2018 / 2019 intakes.

Our website pages still feature detailed written guidance and remain a valuable resource, but the videos present information in a more entertaining and hands-on way. Every single product in our range now has its own unique video to explain exactly what you need to know. Besides covering products, we offer extensive guidance on the Big Four recruitment process and demonstrate how to navigate the crucial areas of our website.

We highly recommend putting aside a few minutes of your time to watch a video from start to finish, as by skipping through you will miss crucial details. 
You will find list of useful tutorial videos on the Big Four recruitment process at our VIDEOS page . A good starting point is our Big Four overview video, which you can watch here.

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