Deloitte Registration Form Submission Guidance To Pass In First Attempt


Deloitte Registration Form: Pass at Your First Attempt  


The first stage of the Deloitte application process is the registration form and CV submission procedure. You can access the form here. The registration form consists of the following sections:


  • Personal and contact details
  • Application details
  • University education details
  • School and college education details
  • Employment history
  • Career motivation
  • CV submission option
  • Equal opportunities (optional)



Deloitte Registration Form Preparation:


After choosing a convenient date from the options offered to you by Deloitte, you will typically have between one and two weeks to prepare. As we all know, job tests can be daunting and how can you be fully confident of putting in a perfect performance if you lack Big Four experience? As long as you can demonstrate passion and endeavour, we will give you the support you need to land your dream job.



Deloitte Registration Form Competency Criteria:

Deloitte has designed the registration form to assess you against the Deloitte competencies criteria. Although Deloitte do list key competencies criteria on their website, they don’t provide many details on the questions you can expect to face. However, you can draw on the experience of our experts, who have previously worked for Big Four firms, to give you a major advantage in this area.


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Deloitte Registration Form Details:

Since 2020, Big Four firms have been operating the registration form process under a different format, with diminished emphasis on the career motivation section. There are a few restrictions imposed on overseas applicants for this procedure. Overseas applicants are only eligible to apply for selected departments and there are strict application deadlines as the firm will need to arrange a work visa. For certain positions, you may be asked to submit a CV instead, which is generally seen as more challenging as there are no guidelines to follow or concrete questions to answer. The relevant software has been developed for the company by Talent Lens and Kenexa, the renowned global HR consultancies which publish various psychometric tests for Deloitte worldwide.


Some questions you can expect to find on the form are listed below:


  • Through your research and in your own words please explain five key reasons why you are interested in joining Deloitte. (100 words limit)
  • Please explain your understanding of the core activities undertaken by your chosen service line and the value they add to their clients. (100 words limit)
  • Please let us know what you think you will be doing in your first year on your chosen programme and service line. (100 words limit)
  • Please briefly describe your role and key responsibilities and/or achievements (50 words limit)
  • Please give brief details, in bullet point format, of the positions you have outlined, including dates and key responsibilities (200 words limit)


Furthermore, Deloitte would randomly select candidates asking additional Service line related questions prior to inviting them in the first interview. This is a unique recruitment style of Deloitte as your results on the Service line question answers will be recorded which would later be linked to the overall interview assessment marking scheme.

The registration form may seem fairly straightforward, but it may surprise you to learn that almost half of all applicants will fall at the first hurdle. Make sure you are fully equipped to pass at your first attempt!




Deloitte Registration Form Results:

Upon submission, the computer system automatically grades your form and ranks you pass or fail. These results are then double-checked by the recruitment team.


Deloitte grade your ability on each stage between 1 point and 5. It is assumed by Deloitte that if an applicant can demonstrate ‘core capabilities’ and attain the full 5 marks during the registration form process then they automatically become a perfect match for the firm.


This means you need to score the maximum 5 points on every single stage to set yourself apart from rival job seekers and cannot afford to take a job test without having been properly prepared by Green Turn.




The Green Turn Preparation Pack:

Our research findings show that a massive 45% of applicants submit an unsuccessful form, which in practice means that they have basically ruined their chances of ever securing a job with the firm. You are in a race against time – vacancies are quickly filled due to the major salary and status benefits provided by Big Four companies. Give your chances a serious boost by purchasing our preparation pack, which includes:


  • Sample of completely filled in Deloitte registration form
  • Guidance on the Deloitte key competencies criteria that your form submission will be assessed against
  • Full information and guidance on pass and fail criteria, with a detailed marking scheme guide for the Deloitte registration form
  • Detailed sample questions with mock answers pack, containing mock questions and guidance on the best way to respond
  • An ebook containing all you need to know about every aspect of the process, from implied questions to coping with nerves


We'll help you get a job

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In Conclusion:

Green Turn is the market leader and the only specialist company worldwide that offers specific training on how to secure a Big Four job delivered by former employees of the companies in question. We have fifteen years’ experience of successfully fast-tracking people like you into positions with the top companies and regularly receive positive feedback on our training methods. By purchasing our preparation packs, you are gaining access to an invaluable network of former Big Four employees who have the required knowledge and desire to advance you into a dream job. We pride ourselves on our clients’ 90-to-100% pass rates and it’s in our interests that you achieve employment so that the retention level stays high.


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Everyone wants to assure themselves of a financially comfortable future, without worrying about how to make ends meet, and a job with Deloitte is the perfect opportunity to do just that. You can access the secrets of realising your dream, our experts look forward to engaging with you, so register with us now and let’s start work!


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Customer Reviews


 Registration Form Course Review Comments


"Excellent content and true effort Green Turn. You have given me knowledge of behind the scenes in passing the Deloitte application process. "

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 Registration Form Course Review Comments


"Excellent, I couldn't have passed even on the application stage without your detailed preparation."

   Successful Deloitte Advisory Graduate Applicant


 Registration Form Course Review Comments


"I can read between the lines from reviewing the job specs to how I am going to impress the assessors."

   Successful Deloitte School Leaver Applicant


 Registration Form Course Review Comments


"Green Turn’s book on Deloitte cv success was great for getting my head around the hidden techniques. I am fully prepared for passing any application stage you could throw at me. "

   Successful Deloitte Consulting Graduate Applicant


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