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PWC Pymetrics Assessment: Pass at Your First Attempt


The next step on your journey through the PWC application process is the PWC Pymetrics Game Assessments. Depending on your chosen service line or variation in the regional office. You would be asked to sit online Pymetrics Game assessment at PWC. Here is the interactive guidance webpage available on the PWC website. PWC also calls this Career Unlocked Assessment stage, which is in fact 'Pymetrics Assessments'.

Online Pymetrics Games Assessment is the new assessment for PriceWaterHouseCoopers to assess and filter the candidates for year 2022 and 2023 intakes. It includes various game-based elements in order to test the specific personality traits or skills of the candidate. This guidance page will give you an overview of the background of this Pymetrics assessment and how you can prepare for the PWC Pymetrics Assessment test.

PWC receives thousands of applications every year. It has been a struggle and difficult process to logically reduce the applicant pool in a fairer and unbiased way. PWC does not want to filter out the good candidates. Top talent is critical to be attracted to each of service line within the professional business. PWC has adopted the latest Game-based Pymetrics assessment to indulge candidates in the application process the right way. To filter out applicants just based on their academic backgrounds would not be considered a fair or accurate way to reducing the pool of talented candidates. The academic grades do not take into account the contributing factors such as their social backgrounds, competency-based work experience, demographics, and other extra curricular activities that could all influence the personality traits.

PWC Pymetrics game based assessments help to filter out the job applicants in an unbiased way and to eliminate any negative influence during the hiring process. It is already evidenced from the various Academic studies that the varied workforce achieves a much higher result. Thus, PriceWaterHouseCoopers wants to make the best use of the pymetric assessments to attract and retain a diverse workforce. 



PWC Career Unlocked / Pymetrics Game Assessment Preparation:

After choosing a convenient date from the options offered to you by the company, you will generally have from one to two weeks to prepare. As we all know, job tests can be daunting and how can you be fully confident of putting in a perfect performance if you lack Big Four experience? If you can demonstrate the required ambition and endeavour, we will give you the support you need to land your dream job.




PWC Pymetrics Competency Criteria:

PWC have designed the registration form to assess you against the PWC competencies criteria. Although PWC do list key competencies criteria on their website, they don’t provide many details on the questions you can expect to face. However, you can draw on the experience of our experts, who have previously worked for Big Four firms, to give you a major advantage in this area.




PWC Career Unlocked / PWC Pymetrics Assessment Details:

After your application submission, you will be invited to complete PWC Pymetrics online assessment, called ‘Career Unlocked’. Pymetrics assessment consists of psychometric behaviour based assessments that measure candidate’s behavioural preferences and cognitive skills. (listed below) In addition to assessing work-related behavioural preferences, Pymetrics assessment will also assess the candidate’s abstract reasoning and numerical skills. Career Unlocked is a gamification tool developed by Pymetrics (a US-based company) to assess work-related scenarios in game based assessments in an attempt to make this stage of the recruitment process more interactive. You can get a sense and a feel of the interactive tool ‘Career Unlocked’ on the PriceWaterhouseCoopers website here.


Pymetrics gamified assessments build a picture of the applicant around the following personality attributes. Here is the list of PWC Pymetrics Test Assessment Personality and Technical Competencies:

  1. Attention to Detail
  2. Concentration / Focus
  3. Decision Making
  4. Effort
  5. Emotion
  6. Generosity
  7. Learning to Change
  8. Risk Tolerance
  9. Social Fairness
  10. Numerical Ability
  11. Quantitative /Inductive Reasoning


Pymetrics assessment uses the score of the multiple games to build the applicant’s profile. This automated process only takes few minutes to compute your scores in the personality traits. As an applicant, you should expect to receive a response from the firm fast, either to attend the interview straight after this. Otherwise, they might ask you to attend online Numerical reasoning and Inductive Quantitative reasoning test before attending the first interview.




PWC Pymetrics Assessment (PWC Career Uncovered) Test Format:

PWC Pymetrics games assessments vary in the tasks which they ask candidates to complete. Examples of pymetrics assessment tasks are listed below:


Pymetrics Assessments Type 1: Read a work-related scenario then adjust the cartoon character showing different facial expressions in a sequence what you’d most likely to do to the least likely to do, representing yourself as perceive the emotion of the cartoon character


Pymetrics Assessments Type 2: See the cartoon character which shows a facial expression then you’d have to perceive the emotion of the cartoon character or write a short sentence contextualising the scenario


Pymetrics Assessments Type 3: See a pattern of shapes then move the available pieces to create a matching pattern in the quickest number of possible moves


Pymetrics Assessments Type 4: Sorting out the different size and colour shapes in a sequence, by tap / clicking the screen when certain ones appear (to complete the sequence)


Pymetrics Assessments Type 5: Recognise an irregularity in the pattern by tapping the screen when an irregular pattern appears


Pymetrics Assessments Type 6: Recall a sequence of numbers or shapes once they are shown to you one after the other




PWC Pymetrics Assessment Results:

The Pymetric career unlocked assessment may seem fairly simple and fun, but it may surprise you that almost half of all the applicants will not even make it past this stage! Make sure you are fully equipped to pass on your first attempt! When you submit your form, the pymetric computer system automatically grades it and gives it a rank of a pass or fail. These results are then double-checked by the recruitment team.


PWC grade your ability on each stage between 1 point and 5. It is assumed by PWC that if an applicant can demonstrate ‘core capabilities’ and attain the full 5 marks during the pymetric assessments then they automatically become a perfect match for the firm.


This means you need to score the maximum 5 points on every single stage to set yourself apart from rival job seekers and cannot afford to take a job test without having been properly prepared by Green Turn.




The Green Turn Preparation Pack:

Our research findings show that a massive 50% of applicants submit unsuccessful pymetric assessment options, which in practice means that they have basically ruined their chances of ever securing a job with the firm. You are racing against time and other applicants – vacancies are quickly filled due to the major salary and status benefits provided by Big Four companies. Give your chances a serious boost by purchasing our preparation pack, which includes:


    • Specific nine total mock exams containing practise questions and answers bundle to prepare you for doing your PWC Numerical, Verbal and Inductive reasoning computations at the Pymetric game-based Assessment tests stage here. This will help you to address and improve your Numerical ability, Quantitative, Inductive reasoning, Decision Making, Effort and Emotion, critical for passing PWC Pymetric traits
    • Specific 2 mock exams containing practise questions and answers bundle to prepare you for doing your PWC Situational Strengths-Based Assessment computations at the Pymetric game-based Assessment tests here. This will help you to address and improve your Attention to Detail, Focus, Decision Making, Effort, Emotion, Risk Tolerance and Social traits (in a work-based-scenario), critical for passing PWC Pymetric traits
    • Specific 2 mock exams containing practise questions and answers bundle to prepare you for doing your PWC Occupational Personality Assessment computations at the Pymetric game-based Assessment tests here. This will help you to address and improve your Generosity, Attention to Detail, Focus, Decision Making, Effort, Emotion, Risk Tolerance, Social traits and Learning to Change (in a work-based-scenario), critical for passing PWC Pymetric traits
    • Full information and guidance on pass and fail criteria, with a detailed marking scheme 
    • 24/7 online access to our personalised simulation programs, so you can practice for the real test at your convenience.
    • Advanced and detailed performance reports, so you can check how you’re progressing at any time.




In Conclusion:

Green Turn is the market leader and the only specialist company worldwide that offers specific training on how to secure a Big Four job delivered by former employees of the companies in question. We have fifteen years’ experience of successfully fast-tracking people like you into positions with the top companies and regularly receive positive feedback on our training methods. By purchasing our preparation packs, you are gaining access to an invaluable network of former Big Four employees who have the required knowledge and desire to advance you into a dream job. We pride ourselves on our clients’ 90-to-100% pass rates and it’s in our interests that you achieve employment so that the retention level stays high.




Check out the list of preparation courses to prepare for PWC Pymetric Game-Based Assessment here!

Everyone wants to assure themselves of a financially comfortable future, without worrying about how to make ends meet, and a job with PWC is the perfect opportunity to do just that. You can access the secrets of realising your dream, our experts look forward to engaging with you, so register with us now, and let’s start work!


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