PWC Application Process Overview



PWC has designed an application process to find talented people like you who could demonstrate workable skills as defined in their global core competencies page. The PWC internship scheme selection process is summarized below:



Step 1: Applicant completes a PWC Registration Form
Step 2: Takes online PWC Pymetrics game-based Assessment (Career Unlocked)
Step 3: Takes Online Aptitude test (optional)
Step 4: Attend the PWC First Interview
Step 5: Attend PWC Assessment Centre
Step 6: Attend PWC Final Partner Interview
Step 7: Successful applicant will receive a job offer


The complete application process is also summarised on the PWC website.

  • Step 1: Applicant completes a Registration Form learn more
  • Step 2: Takes online Pymetrics Career Unlocked learn more
  • Step 3: Takes online Aptitude tests learn more
  • Step 4: Attend a First Interview learn more
  • Step 5: Attend an Assessment Centre learn more
  • Step 6: Attend Final Partner Interview learn more
  • Step 7: Successful Applicant will receive a Job offer learn more


Do PWC really scrutinise applicants so strictly?

PWC has set 6 types of recruitment tests to assess each applicant before offering the job. These tests are applicable to more or less all graduate and school leaver applicants. For experienced routes, the tests are less grilling only to a certain extent.


PWC has designed all the recruitment tests with the help of external companies ‘SHL’ and ‘Cut-e Cooperation’, renowned aptitude test publishers and occupational psychology specialists. The aim of such rigorous assessment is to ensure the whole recruitment process is relevant to the specific vacancy, consistent across the firm and become an overall useful recruitment process. PWC recruitment team has worked hard for the last 12 years to develop such an impressive recruitment process.


PWC has kept a clear view to impress applicants in the whole process by making the recruitment process an informative, interactive learning and enjoyable skill development exercise for the candidates. Read more.


Practice Free Big 4 Aptitude Test

Numerical, Verbal and Inductive Reasoning free tests



What does PWC marking scheme for 2022 and 2023 achieve?

Each applicant is assessed against PWC global core competencies during the six stage recruitment process. For ease of reference, we have highlighted the main competencies at the end of this section.


PWC has set specific priorities for testing these competencies at each of the six stages. They believe that these global competencies are a framework that lays out a success pattern for job entrants at PWC.


It is assumed by PWC that if an applicant could demonstrate such skills and competencies during the six assessment stages successfully then they’d automatically become a perfect match for the firm.


If you could demonstrate the right skills set for each of the six stages' exercises and obtain certain PASS MARKS in each of the assessments then you will secure a job in PWC. It is really as simple as that. From our specific practice material, you will learn the right skill set to obtain the maximum marks per competency per stage.


Green Turn has researched for the past 10 years to genuinely understand the PWC application process’s pass marks structure. Please read our material for further details. Read more.



How critical is it for you to know the PWC marking scheme for being hired?

There are roughly 1,900 full-time trainee positions available at PWC. If you meet the firm’s minimum entry-level academic requirements then you are eligible to apply to the firm. The trainee vacancies are open to UK residents as well as to overseas nationals.


PWC treats all the applicants fairly against the set criteria. PWC strongly believes in a diversity and equal opportunities policy, so every applicant has an equal chance of securing a job with PWC.


PWC receives hundreds of thousands of trainee position applications every year. However, only a handful of c1,900 applicants would successfully receive trainee job offers.


If you demonstrate the required skills and ‘certain capabilities’ during the six assessment stages then, you could also receive a job offer from PWC. Read more.




Do you really feel ready for each of the six stages of the PWC recruitment process?

The first step to your success is to objectively assess yourself, your skills and your capabilities against the global core competency skills required by PWC. If you have practised such skills and have demonstrated these specific capabilities regularly say for example in your existing job then there is a chance that you will do well at all of the six PWC assessment exercises.


On the other hand, if you are uncertain about your own capability level, you do not know the pass and fail criteria for each of the assessment tests and exercises, and you have not prepared for the PWC assessment test, then you would not perform well in all the six stages recruitment test.


It is then more likely that you would face rejection earlier in the assessment stages, which is the case with 90% of the applicants! Read more.


We'll help you get a job

We provide you the skills, training, support and advice you need to secure your job in big four firm.gr_aer_3.png



How familiar are you with each of these stages in the recruitment process?

Some of the following situations might look familiar to you.


a.  You’re perhaps not fully aware of the objective for each of the six stage assessments’ exercises
b.  Not aware of the relevant competencies tested at each of the six-stage assessments
c.  Not aware of the PASS or FAIL marking scheme criteria for each of six stage assessments
d.  You have exhausted yourself by searching on the web and currently relying to secure your job with PWC based on the little known knowledge you’ve gathered
e.  You have developed a ‘false hope’ by practising irrelevant and generic exercises/tests from the web and are under the impression that you will pass PWC tailored assessments without any tailored preparation
f.   You have not practised any mock exercises and test similar to PWC assessments
g.  You are under the false impression that you’d pass PWC assessments by a miracle and thus don’t need to practice


If you find yourself in the above situations then it is quite rare to succeed in all of the PWC six assessment stages at the first attempt. You are in the same boat as any other unprepared applicant. You will need to do a lot more relevant test practice to become ‘Usain Bolt’.


Without a doubt, you’d need to practice relevant material and make an informed effort to prepare for each of the PWC recruitment tests rigorously before attempting the real PWC assessment test as only then you will succeed in all of the PWC six stages assessment test and be able to secure a job with PWC. Read more.


Success Stories



Your successful hiring and career is only possible with relevant preparation

Your only way out of this vicious cycle is to practice the relevant materials as soon as possible. It is critical to decide whom you want to get trained with and which material you’d want to practice before exhausting yourself with the practice material.


Due to time constraints for this job opportunity, your decision about practice material could be a make or break factor for you. You can identify whether the practising material is genuine and worth spending time on if:


  • It prepares you for the six PWC assessment stages
  • It explains to you the objective of each assessment
  • It explains the relevant competencies linked to each assessment test
  • you become fully aware of the pass and fail criteria for each assessment test
  • you have sat several mocks assessments before attempting your real test
  • you become relaxed and under full control of your nerves during the real assessment from practising relevant material.  Read more.


Green Turn experts make your PWC dream a reality


At Green Turn we take your career at the forefront of our research. We have designed the relevant practice material, eBooks, videos and computer-based simulations. Practising our material will help you prepare and pass all of the PWC six assessment stages’ tests and exercises at the first attempt.


You will straight away start preparing for the specific PWC relevant assessments. Our intelligent simulation will observe your practice performance and would give you step by step guidance at each stage of your progress. Now you can master any stage of the PWC recruitment process in few hours.


Please note that Green Turn is not a generic company our preparation material is specific and only designed to practice for and pass the big four recruitment test. Our test materials are developed after years of research and with the help of ex-Big Four Managers & Seniors who have extensive experience as assessors at the big four.


In addition to the specific practice material, Green Turn would also give you access to the ex-Big Four Managers and Seniors from the Audit, Tax, Advisory, Consulting and other relevant sectors to help you prepare for your PWC recruitment process test. This would give you a real insight into each of the PWC departments and working styles. This is truly a unique blend of your big four career counselling directly from the relevant big four qualified experts. Read more.


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Practice free PWC aptitude tests under strict timed conditions

Practice free PWC psychometric tests SHL style to prepare for your real PWC online aptitude tests and assessment centre. Click the link below to begin your free practice test. The test requires free registration to track your performance and enable personalised questions with solutions in your User Panel.



Your Personalised PWC Recruitment Preparation Simulation

Green Turn has designed a unique practice simulation program to help you prepare for your PWC recruitment process. This training software will provide customised sessions tailored to achieve your goals. It will keep a track of your practice attempts, measure your performance against other competitors and would design various to do tasks to improve your performance 100% at the PWC recruitment test.



It's like having your own personal big four consultants and trainer with you 24/7.



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Buy preparation material to pass your PWC recruitment process

At Green Turn we put your career at the forefront of our research. We have designed the relevant practice material, courses, ebooks and computer based simulations.


Practising our material will help you prepare and pass the PWC application, aptitude test, interview and assessment centre test at your first attempt.



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 Application Process Course Review Comments


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 Application Process Course Review Comments


"Hi, folks! Staff at the Green Turn is a real deal. They were so true to me, never given up on me, persistently helped me to reach my objective. "

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