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PWC Aptitude Tests Preparation

Pass PWC Aptitude Tests at first attempt


Improve Your Performance 100%

One Chance, One Choice

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Get a perfect score on your PWC aptitude tests with Green Turn's training course. The aptitude test pack includes mock questions and recommended answers, detailed information, strategy advice and online simulations - all developed by former Big Four employees and highly experienced assessors. Read more information.

Do you wish to pass PWC Aptitude Test at first attempt?



·         Are you aware that PWC follows a specific PASS & FAIL marking scheme structure at the Aptitude Tests stage?

·         Are you aware that almost 25% of the remaining applicants will fail PWC Aptitude Tests due to lack of preparation?

·         Are you aware that at the later stage your Aptitude Test passing marks will be taken into consideration to decide whether to offer you the job or not?

·         Are you confident to obtain maximum marks in PWC Aptitude Tests?


You have limited time to research, prepare and succeed in your real PWC Aptitude numerical, verbal, and inductive reasoning tests. You need to learn from the Big Four experts how to approach and command PWC’s Aptitude Tests with the maximum marks. This is exactly what you’ll learn from the Green Turn material and from our qualified ex-Big Four staff.




PWC Aptitude Tests Preparation Pack

Over the past fifteen years, our experts have pooled their experience to design various tools and programmes aimed at fast-tracking you into an ideal job. After purchasing the Green Turn preparation pack, you will get the following resources and services for your money:


  • Specific mock exams containing practice questions and answers bundle, and guidance on passing your real PWC numerical, verbal, and inductive reasoning tests.
  • An ebook on the specific PWC aptitude test marking criteria that you will be judged against for your real PWC numerical, verbal, and inductive reasoning aptitude tests delivered by SHL and Cut-e.
  • An ebook containing full details and guidance on every aspect of the aptitude test process, from tips and techniques to how to overcome your nerves.
  • Behind-the-scenes insight and guidance from former PWC managers and senior managers to prepare you for the SHL and Cut-e developed numerical and verbal reasoning tests.
  • 24/7 online access to Green Turn’s simulation programmes. This allows you to practice for real PWC numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning tests whenever suits you, using our computerised mock aptitude test scenarios.
  • Advanced and detailed performance reports, so you can watch your progress and look for improvement or decline. Data is presented in a variety of formats, including graphs and pie charts, which allow you to monitor your performance with great accuracy. If you are a school leaver or graduate, we can send these reports to your parent(s) or guardian(s) if you so wish, although we only do this if you formally express your consent first.

Pass Your PWC Aptitude Test at first attempt!


Aptitude Test Question free solutionGreen Turn aptitude tests simulation is a great way to prepare for PWC
SHL and Cut-e style tests. It’s an excellent practice for the real PWC tests.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Aptitude Test Question free solution


 Through buying our preparation pack, you will already have given your chances of employment a significant boost. However, if you want to go the extra mile, you can upgrade your pack to include direct coaching from our former PWC employees. Green Turn is the only company in the world that is offering this service. There are two upgrade options:


Option 1:       Telephone or Skype Contact

This upgrade gives you the benefit of personalised one-on-one coaching from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Drawn on the experience of our experts to gain invaluable insights into all aspects of the aptitude test process. Arrange a live mock test scenario and benefit from detailed and constructive feedback. We will be able to judge your telephone manner, which could prove to be a crucial element in subsequent PWC tests. Select from a variety of times to suit– our experts are available on workdays and weekends. We can be flexible depending on an individual’s specific situation, so contact us and we will always try our hardest to adapt our services to meet your needs. Contact Us.


Option 2:       Interpersonal Contact

For the best training experience on the market, you can book face-to-face sessions with our experts. This flagship service represents your best chance of acing the PWC aptitude test! Our experts are available to meet you in various major UK city locations, depending on availability and where you are based. Option 2 retains all the benefits of Option 1 and represents the very best that Green Turn has to offer. Contact Us.


We Will Take You There!



In Conclusion:

Green Turn is the only company worldwide offering specific training on how to secure Big Four employment delivered by former employees of the companies in question. This means we have no direct rival and occupy a unique place in the market. We have fifteen years’ experience of successfully advancing people just like you into jobs with the top companies and regularly receive highly positive feedback on our training schemes. By purchasing our preparation packs, you are unlocking access to an invaluable network of former Big Four employees who have the required knowledge and desire to help you pass the PWC aptitude tests and continue on towards your dream job. We take real pride in our clients’ 90-to-100% pass rate and it is in our interests that you achieve employment so that the retention level stays high.



Take an important step towards your success!

Everyone wants to assure themselves of a financially comfortable future, without worrying about how to make ends meet, and a job with PWC is the perfect opportunity to do just that. You can access the secrets of realising your dream, our experts look forward to engaging with you, so register with us now, and let’s start!



Buy Your PWC Aptitude Tests Packages :

  • PWC Aptitude Tests Preparation

    Pass PWC Aptitude Tests at first attempt


    Improve Your Performance 100%

    One Chance, One Choice

    PWC  Aptitude Test Exclusive Package. Read More

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    PWC Aptitude Tests Preparation Course on Phone or Skype Based - Prepare for your PWC Aptitude Tests directly with Ex-Big Four Manager. Please contact us to confirm a suitable date and further details. Read More

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    PWC Aptitude Tests Preparation Course In-Person Coaching - Prepare for your PWC Aptitude Tests directly with an Ex-Big Four Manager. Please contact us to confirm a suitable date and further details. Read More

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Read further guidance on PWC's Aptitude Tests process


It is vital to your success to understand what is involved in the PWC’s Aptitude Tests process. Green Turn has produced guidance with the help of our respected Consultants, ex PWC s Managers and Seniors, to give you the real insight into PWC Aptitude Tests process and the grading methodology. Read more


Buy Preparation material to pass PWC recruitment process at first attempt

We aim to groom and coach you at each stage of PWC s recruitment process in an informed and considered a way to help you demonstrate your full potential and land a job within few weeks.

All of our course material is designed with the help of PWC' s ex line Managers. Practicing our material will help you prepare and pass PWC application, PWC aptitude tests, PWC interview and all of the PWC assessment centre tests at the first attempt.

In addition, you will benefit from direct access to PWC s ex Managers and above rank employees to help in your PWC Aptitude Tests preparation.


customer reviews

STAR_5.jpg 29625 reviews

  • str_0 Aptitude Tests Course Review Comments

    "Your material is precise and to the point. You saved me several hours of unnecessary preparation. I practiced Green Turn aptitude tests on the simulation for two hours and already understood the passing mechanism."


    Successful PWC Audit Applicant

  • str_0 Aptitude Tests Course Review Comments

    "A+++ Your coursebook on PWC Aptitude Tests Pack is a MUST to practice for everyone. I started scoring just under 40% in aptitude tests but with the help of your advanced practice simulation, I attained above 95% in few hours. Take a Free Test to taste for yourself truly an Artificial Intelligence."


    Successful PWC Advisory Applicant

  • str_0 Aptitude Tests Course Review Comments

    "Wow ! It's amazing to learn the techniques used by PWC to screen out one candidate from another. I received a pack of 50 numerical reasoning questions and more or less the same for verbal reasoning and diagrammatic reasoning tests from Green Turn. SHL and Cut-e style practice tests were basics compared to Green Turn's hard-learned simulation. I only practiced Green Turn aptitude tests packs twice and managed to completely nail the online numerical and verbal reasoning tests. Worth every penny highly recommended."


    Successful PWC School Leaver Applicant

  • str_0 Aptitude Tests Course Review Comments

    "I passed the PWC assessment centre with the help of the Green Turn.  Your online tests simulation has proved quite useful in my preparation. I sat Numerical and Diagrammatic reasoning tests at the PWC reading office 18 questions in 20 minutes, coming from an economics background I thought initially I would fail PWC tests but coaching with Green Turn ex-big four managers really helped in my success and confidence building. Recommended to all my friends on Facebook."


    Successful PWC Consulting Applicant



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