KPMG Strength Assessment Tests Guidance To Pass In First Attempt


KPMG Strengths Assessment Test: Pass at Your First Attempt

Congratulations on successfully submitting your registration form! Approximately 30% of applicants won’t have made it this far, so you’re already doing very well indeed! It’s time to push ahead and take it to the next level. Stage two of the KPMG job application procedure consists of the Transforming Small Businesses assessment test. Strengths tests form a part of this stage and the next stage three delivering outcomes. 


KPMG Strengths Assessment Test Business Questionnaire Preparation:

After you choose a convenient date from the options offered by KPMG, you will have roughly one week to prepare. As we all know, job tests can be daunting and how can you be fully confident of putting in a perfect performance if you lack Big Four experience? As long as you can show sufficient drive and enthusiasm, we will give you the support you need to land the job of your dreams.



KPMG Situational Strength Assessment Test Criteria:

KPMG has created the strengths assessment test to assess you against their strengths assessment criteria. Post receiving detailed feedback on the Transforming Small Businesses assessment you would be asked to attend KPMG Strengths-Based Assessment. This personality assessment will be time-restricted (c60 minutes to complete), so you must be able to cope with intense pressure. KPMG uses three different styles of personality tests:


1. KPMG Situational Judgement Test (you should have prepared earlier from our resources, in case if you haven't then you must come to prepare at this stage)

2. KPMG Situational Strengths Assessment Test

3. KPMG Critical Thinker Strengths Assessment Test (you'd be tested partially at this stage and the upcoming stage Critical Thinker Strength Test Assessment


Our training will ensure that you are fully confident and ready to deal with any eventuality. Imagine the panic and embarrassment caused by ‘freezing up’ during the KPMG strengths assessment test and you’ll realise just how crucial this is.


KPMG doesn’t provide many details on the initial and follow-up questions you can expect to face during the KPMG Strengths Assessment test at the delivering outcome stage. However, you can draw on the experience of our experts, who have previously worked for Big Four firms, to give you a major advantage in this area.




KPMG strengths assessment Test Details:

The relevant assessment has been developed for the company by Capp & Co and Saville Consulting, the two most renowned global HR consultancies that publish various psychometric tests for KPMG worldwide. You would be able to see a sample of Strengths Tests at Capp & Co site here prior to taking your real tests, arranged by KPMG.


KPMG strengths assessment test focuses on your behavioural style at work. You will be facing questions based on potential courses of action in a specific scenario and must choose the answer that is ‘most likely’ or ‘least likely’. Scenarios are designed to simulate occurrences that the successful applicant is likely to encounter when they begin work as a trainee.


KPMG will not provide you with an informational booklet in preparation for this stage, so you need the relevant information and guidance well in advance. Do not think that you can successfully guess your way through the strengths assessment test, as you will be sorely mistaken. Preparing with our Strengths Assessment Test will aid you in passing Stages 2, 3 and 4 of the KPMG recruitment process. 




KPMG strengths assessment Test Results:

Your performance during the strengths assessment test will remain on record and is used in KPMG final deliberations to determine whether or not your application has been a success. It’s fully possible to successfully get through this stage by scoring a passing mark, yet fail to secure employment when KPMG recruiters take a look at your performances over the application process in its entirety.


KPMG grade your ability on each stage between 1 point and 5. It is assumed by KPMG that if an applicant can demonstrate ‘core capabilities’ and attain the full 5 marks during the strengths assessment test process then they automatically become a perfect match for the firm.


This means you need to score the maximum 5 points on every single stage to set yourself apart from rival job seekers and cannot afford to take a job test without having been properly prepared by Green Turn.




The Green Turn Preparation Pack:

Our research findings show that around 35%of applicants fail the KPMG strengths assessment test, which in practice means that they have basically ruined their chances of ever securing a job with the firm. Time is your enemy here – vacancies are quickly filled due to the salary and status benefits provided by Big Four firms. Give your chances a serious boost by purchasing our preparation pack, which includes:


  • Specific scenario-based mock exams containing practise questions and answers on KPMG Strengths Assessment Test, and guidance on the best way to respond
  • Guidance on the KPMG core Strengths assessment criteria that you will be assessed against during the strengths assessment test Business Scenario Questionnaire
  • Full information and guidance on pass and fail criteria, with a detailed marking scheme guide for the KPMG strengths assessment test
  • 24/7 online access to our personalised simulation programmes, so you can practice for the real test at your convenience
  • Sample questions and answers pack, containing detailed guidance on the questions that you will be faced with and the best approach to answering them
  • Advanced and detailed performance reports, so you can check how you’re progressing at any time




In Conclusion:

Green Turn is the market leader and the only specialist company worldwide that offers specific training on how to secure a Big Four job delivered by former employees of the companies in question. We have fifteen years’ experience of successfully fast-tracking people like you into positions with the top companies and regularly receive positive feedback on our training methods. By purchasing our preparation packs, you are gaining access to an invaluable network of former Big Four employees who have the required knowledge and desire to advance you into a dream job. We pride ourselves on our clients’ 90-to-100% pass rates and it’s in our interests that you achieve employment so that the retention level stays high.




Buy The KPMG Situational Strengths Assessment Test Preparation Course Now!

Everyone wants to assure themselves of a financially comfortable future, without worrying about how to make ends meet, and a job with KPMG is the perfect opportunity to do just that. You can access the secrets of realising your dream, our experts look forward to engaging with you, so register with us now and let’s start work!


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Customer Reviews


 Strengths Assessment Course Review Comments


"I practised your free test online before registering to buy course mock test. It was worthwhile registering with your site as it made such a big difference in my success."

   Successful KPMG Audit Applicant


 Strengths Assessment Course Review Comments


"Ingenious simulation even better than the real one, perfectly prepare you for real test."

   Successful KPMG Advisory Applicant


 Strengths Assessment Course Review Comments


"I am so pleased that I have passed the assessment test and got the job. I was so stressed out but after meeting your staff I managed to compile myself together and passed in the first attempt. "

   Successful KPMG Tax Applicant


 Strengths Assessment Test Course Review Comments


"Your tests are timed perfectly and the difficulty is just above the real Saville Consulting test which I sat at the KPMG assessment centre."

   Successful KPMG Consulting Applicant


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For all enquiries and course applications please contact us gr_aer_4.png

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